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Sperlinger is the first prime quality, professional real estate service in Hungary.

We present our properties to the potential buyers using the latest technology and methods that are well known on the international market.

All our listings get the kind of attention that ensures that the properties are sold at the highest possible price achievable on the market.

Some of the services that we provide for free for all our listings:

  • property staging
  • photos using the latest tehcnology
  • 360 degree virtual tour, or
  • a short video presenting the property’s unique features.

We have buyers coming from all over the world, from the USA to New Zealand. We provide an exclusive property search service for them. From picking them up and dropping them off at the airport, to providing legal assistance with the sales contract and setting up a company if necessary, and property management as well.

Our highly qualified team focus solely on the buyers and strive to sell your property in the shortest amount of time and at the highest price possible.

About us

Sales team

Only highly trained and experienced estate agents work with the properties entrusted to us.
With over 10 years' of experience, we are all experts of our field. We tune into our clients' needs. We devote our full attention to the transaction at hand.
We don't take 'no' for an answer! We find solutions to every property-related problem, be it big or small.

Gabriella Székely

Managing Director/Owner

Mobil: +36-30-940-0839
Email: Gabriella@sperlinger.com
Language: Hungarian, Italiano

Andrea Jobszt

Senior Property Consultant

Mobil: +36-30-711-7633
Email: Andrea@sperlinger.com
Language: Hungarian, English

Andrea has been working as a successful property consultant in Budapest and the suburbs for 8 years. Previously she was a flight attendant for 22 years, where she acquired outstanding communication skills, empathy and humility that serve her well every day in her current role. Due to her large social network and distinguished clientele, each of her listings sells successfully. She tunes into her clients' needs, and with great precision helps them to find their dream home. Her hobby is interior design and staging, which means that her clients can expect not only first class service with the purchase of their property, but also help with creating a fine interior. Sperlinger gives her the kind of professional background where she can further develop her sales skills and take her creativity to new heights.

Work with us!

We provide the highest level of real estate service on the Hungarian property market. Over 60 billion HUF worth of transactions in the last 10 years. Whoever joins our team is destined to work with us.

True professionals work with us.